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Most popular steak cuts in Buenos Aires

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You finally are in a Buenos Aires steak house. You have been told many times about how good beef is in Argentina, and you are ready for it. So before you get lost in a Spanish menu with a funny English translation (if you are lucky) let´s go over the most popular steak cuts in Buenos Aires.

First of all, remember that unlike Americans, people from Buenos Aires do not care that much about tenderness. They like tender beef of course, but when it comes to choose they will prefer the flavor over the tenderness.  So please do not be my last week client, complaining in a great restaurant because the Bife de Chorizo was far from tender. The waiter was quite funny when replying to my client if he would prefer a soup instead.

1 – Bife de Chorizo

I don´t know how many times I  have had to explain this to my clients: the bife de chorizo has nothing to do with chorizo, does not have chorizo on it and nobody has a clue of why on Earth it is called that way.  The bife de chorizo is a beef cut that you will find in every steak house in Buenos Aires, and it is very similar to the sirloin strip steak that is popular around the world.  The good parrillas (local name for steak house) will give you a big, thick and juicy portion, and sometimes you will have two options in the menu, small and big, that actually means big and Godzilla size.

2- Asado de tira

Thank god pictures exist, so I do not have to explain what this is. You would probably call it short ribs, but the cut is different than the one in the States. It is served with the bone and actually the meat next to the bone is the best part. The good parrillas usually serve a thick portion, while a less quality place may cut the meat thin as if it was a hum.

3- Vacío

Together with the asado de tira is probably the most popular cut, and it is really strange to find a parrilla in Buenos Aires without at least a piece of it. It is like the flank steak, but completely different. I hope I am clear. We do not take out the fat, and the vacío is usually full of it. It is not that tender but really great. One of my favorites.

4- Lomo

Tenderloin or Filete Mignon, really popular around the world but not that common down here.  It is the most tender cut and most of my clients will order it.

5- Entraña

It is a very unique cut, and I have no idea of the name in English. It is a thin portion of beef, covered with fat in both sides. It is quite tender and very different from the rest.

6- Colita de Cuadril

This is my father´s favorite, so I have had it millions of times. It is a fine piece and it is not that common to see it in parrillas, but the taste is delicius.

7- Matambre

This one is completely different to the rest. Many people do not even include it as a steak cut. It is, however, very unique and when it is done the proper way it is really good.

8- Ojo de Bife

The rib eye, it is my favorite by far. Similar to the bife de Chorizo and really tasteful. It is usually big, and quite expensive, but as many people say you get what you pay!