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Coming on a Cruise?

Arriving to the cruise terminal of Buenos Aires by ship and getting a taxi to take you to your hotel (or to the airport) can be more difficult than it sounds.

The port receives sometimes three big cruises at the time. However, there is only one door, only one taxi stop and no train, bus or public transportation to take you to the city.

People stay for hours in a line, and when they finally get a taxi they may find that the car is too small for their cruise-like luggage.

When hiring our services we will be waiting for you at the port showing a yellow sign with your name, so you can find us easily. We will have a car big enough for your luggage and you will be out of the port and touring in five minutes.

Unlike most tour operators, we will charge you as if we were picking you up at any hotel in the city. We do not believe that people coming on a cruise should pay more, just because they are coming on a cruise and their suitcases are bigger.

We can help you making your third-world-cruise-terminal experience a fast, enjoyable and easy time.

Hope to see you at the port!!