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CETC at the Teatro Colon Opera House

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The CETC (Centro de Experimentacion Teatro Colon, Spanish for Experimental Center) is a small artistic division of the opera house of Buenos Aires.

They have their own auditorium located in the basement of the theatre. The door you use is in front of the ticket office, and there are two floors of stairs going down. Do the steps.

The auditorium is small, for around 200 people. It looks nice and very modern, kind of strange in a classic theatre like the Colon.

The season includes ten performances a year, most of them played three times in consecutive days.

I was going to say that the music is modern, but that does not explain what they do. The whole idea of the CETC is experimental as the name well says, and it includes not only music but theater, dance, poetry, so mixed and so strange that they become a new thing.

I was there three days ago to see “Triptico”, a show including three different pieces of music, directed by Oscar Araiz. The last piece is called “Casi la Soledad”, composed by Luis Menacho and with my sister Marina Buffagni singing as a soloist. The pictures included in this post are taken after the show.

I am not an art critic and my English is prehistoric so please do not expect from me an expert point of view.

What I do know, is that performing art is a hard work and that your feet must be very close to the floor even if your brain is flying. And that was my feeling through the show, during all the three pieces not only because the music was good but especially because it was played with an honesty that is hard to find in modern music.

We usually shout “Al Colon” (something like “go to the Colon”) to a person that seems to deserve the best possible stage in what they do. The CETC is part of the Teatro Colon and proudly stands as a heaven that I am glad to think is unique.


The ticket was only 50 pesos (around ten dollars) and the show cost obviously more than that. There are a few times in life when the money I pay for taxes seems to cover exactly what I wish.

Triptico was a lot of people knowing me. I shouted “bravo” twice while my sister was thanking and the people clapping.

Far away, too far away, from what my sister deserves.