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Bonnie and family

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Thank you Esteban!  Disembarkation can be a nightmare so having someone waiting in a sea of 1000, pick up our 8 pieces of luggage and whisk us off on a fantastic city tour not wasting a second of our precious vacation time was amazing.  Being three generations at different physical levels it was wonderful knowing we could walk across a beautiful city park and have grandma waiting safely and happily in a luxury van at the other end and  being able to say “Oh go down that street”, “Need a bathroom break in 5 minutes” or ” I heard about this statue” and having it all happen while being treated like an old friend was wonderful.  The day was action packed and relaxing at the same time, truly informative, incredibly fun, and very reasonable (especially compared to cruise tour prices) and we had an absolutely marvelous time in a phenomenally beautiful city.  Your restaurant recommendations, helping us check into a hotel and getting us upgraded when we got bumped, and even advising us on our upcoming Iguazu Falls trip was extremely valuable. We saw and learned more in a day than we could have in two  weeks on our own, we highly recommend Esteban as a guide on your visit to BA.

Bonnie, Nancy, Chris & Ashleigh
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada