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Bette and Mario Fried

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Bette and Mario, behind the musiciansWe feel so lucky to have had German as our guide. In addition to knowing Buenos Aires, he very quickly sensed what was important to us. He embodies qualities you don’t often find in one person: he is intelligent, knowledgeable, conscientious, sensitive, and relaxed — and he has a sense of humor. When I returned to my Spanish classes in NY, and I shared what I’d learned from German, classmates who’d been to Buenos Aires, kept saying, “I didn’t know that, ” “How did you learn that?” (And I answered: German was our guide.) My Latin American teachers now talk with me as though I am a compadre and not an extranjera. My only regret is that I didn’t buy tango shoes in Buenos Aires. I’m sure German could have told me where to get the best quality and best selection – even for my 68- year old feet.