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A trip to Tigre Delta from Buenos Aires

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Let´s start from the beginning, which is always a good idea.  What is Tigre Delta and why would you want to go there?

All agencies advertise a trip to Tigre Delta, but it is hard to find some real information about it.  We at BA Private Tours also usually go with our clients, so I thought I would write a simple post with some information about this side trip.

Tigre is a name of a town, located around 18 miles north of Buenos Aires. The town lies in the delta of the Parana river, coming from the north. At the Tigre area the river spreads out in hundreds of small channels, that slowly flow through the many islands of the area towards the “Rio de la Plata”, the big river that separates Argentina from Uruguay.

Tigre Art Museum

The Tigre Art Museum

The whole area is a very popular weekend place, and gets really crowded during Saturday and Sunday if the weather is nice. The architecture is so diverse that goes from the great old English style buildings of the rowing clubs to the very simple houses where the people live on the islands.

There are basically two ways to get to Tigre Delta from Buenos Aires:  by car or by train. I will stay with the car in this post, because that is the way most of our clients prefer to do it. I also think it is the best way to get to know the area, especially because using the car you have the chance of visiting some of the nice suburbs of Buenos Aires in the way.

We start our trip in Buenos Aires, and depending on the traffic we will use the highway or  Libertador avenue. This second option is much more interesting, and before we even get to Tigre we will have already seen a lot.  Places like San Isidro, Vicente Lopez or San Fernando are in the way to Tigre and we will stop once or twice to feel the atmosphere of these areas. Most tourists never get to see these places and it is really a shame.

A typical island house in Tigre

A typical island house in Tigre

Once in Tigre, there is a lovely coast road by the river that goes through the old rowing clubs and ends in the great Art Museum of Tigre. We do not usually include museums in our tours but this place is a remarkable building that I am quite sure you will want to visit.

And then to the water. There is no point in visiting Tigre if you are not visiting the islands. We will leave the big catamaran tour ships for the tourists that have not read this blog. We will take one of the dozens of small wooden boats, where you go closer to the water. From Monday to Friday the place is not very crowded so we can take a regular bus-boat, the same boats that the locals take to go home. It will take a bit longer, but it is really interesting to see them going from island to island carrying water, groceries, wood, gas, and basically all things necessary to live in the islands.

Stopping in one of the islands for lunch can be a very good idea. There are many restaurants in the islands, and some of them are really good and nice. My favorite is Gato Blanco, where you can have a great lunch by the water.

One of the many Tigre rowing clubs

One of the many Tigre Rowing Clubs

The bus-boat will eventually come back and we will take it again to get back to the port where our car is waiting. We will probably be tired and I am pretty sure that you will prefer to use the highway to get back to Buenos Aires.

A few tips:

  • Bring Repellent. Remember Tigre is a humid, worm place full of water. Mosquitoes are quite common.
  • Use light, casual clothes. It will be a long day, make sure you are comfortable and wear walking shoes.
  • Check the weather. The whole trip is pointless if it starts raining while going there.
  • If it is a Saturday or Sunday, make it early. Get there by noon at the latest, so you have lunch before the crowd fills every restaurant.