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Buenos Aires Private Tours

  Thank you for stepping in. My name is Esteban Buffagni and I have been a tour guide in Buenos Aires for more than ten years now. I work especially with Americans and Canadians visiting my city, but I have also have clients coming from all around the world. What I try to do, what […]

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como llego

Click the image to download the app

The government of the city of Buenos Aires seems to be quite interested in new technology and has released some apps for smart phones that a tourist may find very useful.

One of them is called “BA Cómo llego”, which means “Buenos Aires – How to get there”.

They have just launched the English version (this is an update of the post so some of the words below will not be necessary now).

You have two small boxes, one for the place you are now (Desde) and one for the place you need to visit (Hasta).

You must enter the address of course, the app may in the future include museums, parks or restaurants but right now it only has a few of them. The address is however easy to find and you just need to type the name of the street and the number, or two streets if you are going to a corner.

The app lets you choose the way you are moving. Walking, bus, subway or car. The options are easy to find since they are pictured with drawings (please see image). The bus option is really great because it is not easy to find bus information in any other way.

There are many other options and things you can configure like how many meters you are happy to walk, lock or unlock the subway or bus system, use highways or regular streets but those are difficult if you only speak English and besides, not very useful for a tourist.

The app also lets you save in memory an address (your hotel for example) so you only need to type it once.

The results are displayed in a map, so it is really easy for any person to follow.

I have used the app a few times and it does work. It might have a few problems but they seem easy to correct and I hope they will. Still, the map and the directions work more than fine in the touristy area of Buenos Aires.

It is available for Android,Iphone and Windows Phone and you can check the official website of the up by clicking here.